Reusing: Old Aquarium

Are you redecorating? Are you at a loss for what to do with the aquarium you had left over from that disastrous experiment in fish ownership? You could always give it away to a friend who has yet to undertake that experiment or sell it in your local listings, but why not turn it into a unique decor element instead?

Without the worry of what will happen to the fish inside, an aquarium can be used for almost anything. The limits of what it can become determined only by the depths of your imagination. However, if you're not the creative type, here are some ideas:

    Coffee Table. Glass-bottomed boats are associated with warm climates, exotic locales, and coral reefs. Add a taste of paradise to your living room by turning your old aquarium into a coffee table. It's simple - all you have to do is place the aquarium, lighting installed, on the floor, fill it with water and fun accessories from the pet store such as pirate ships, rocks and plastic plants, and place a sheet of glass or plexiglass over the top. With the aquarium filter in and no fish, the water won't bubble up on the sides or get dirty, so you never have to clean it. Works best with 20 gallon tanks.

    Terrarium. There's very little difference between an aquarium and a terrarium except the absence of water. If you're thinking of purchasing a lizard, turtle or snake, it can easily be housed in an old aquarium of appropriate size. Or, if live animals aren't your forte, fill it with rocks and plastic plants and make it the home to the plastic reptile of your choice. It makes a great gift for kids or decoration for your shelf, especially since real replies move so little your plastic friend might easily be mistaken for the real thing!

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